All In a Day’s Work?

Time to start typing again

Make it seem like I’m working.

Don’t want anyone to find out I’ve spent 80% of my day on

It’s a website for funny pictures and memes

I started looking at it when pictures from it started popping up on my Facebook wall thanks to a group I had “liked” a couple of years ago called “I delete the whole password when I type a single letter wrong”. Something I still do today.

Typing time again!

Still on

It’s now 4:26 pm, or as I prefer, 16:26

At about 17:00 I will move on to

I’ll stay on there until 18:00 when I finish “work”.

The reason I only give Failbook an hour is because they only add a few new pictures every day. Lolchamp do the same, but they have a “Random” button which lets me see, well, random posts. 

I’ll be going home soon. Another day at the office. Finished.